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$ 2500 only
1. Place your order (no payment at this stage).
2. Start accepting bids from writers. Chat with the writers who makes bids on your order, Agree on pricing, deadlines and general order instructions.
3. Satisfied, select a writer of your choice.
4. Choose the writer you prefer, Reserve payment, Assign your order to the writer.
5. Communicate with your writer as work progresses, and instantly work out any operating questions as they occur.
6. Evaluate your writer once the order is completed, and share your experience with other customers. Then, the payment is released for the writer.
7. Through a powerful communication mechanism, an admin is able to follow all these.
8. The admin has overall control, regarding writers, clients, payments and all.
9. Writers, Clients, Admin - all in one platform.
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Place your order.

Evaluate bids from writers. Chat. Agree on Pricing

Reserve payment. Assign your order to your preferred writer. Follow Progress